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Diagnosing Tank Repairs Before It’s Too Late

How to Diagnose Major Tank Issues Before It’s Too Late

Steel heating oil storage tanks that have been buried for at least 15 years are at more risk of causing costly oil leaks and environmental damage. Here are some signs to help you diagnose buried tank leaks in your property:

Excessive Heating Bills

Oil leaks can be slow and steady, and you may not notice any significant jump from month-to-month heating bills. However, assess your bills over a few months, and if you see a steady increase, it is likely due to a leaking tank. An unexplained rise in heating bills, particularly in the hotter months of summer when you rarely use heating, should be a point of concern.

Smells Coming From the Soil

If there are active oil leaks that have gone on for several months, it ultimately affects the smell of the soil. Inspect the soil around the tank site for a distinct smell that indicates a leak. Ideally, the longer the duration of the leak, the wider the area will be affected by the leak.

Contaminated Water

A leaking tank will eventually contaminate underground water in the neighborhood, posing a health and environmental risk. If you detect contaminated water, fix or remove your underground heating oil tank as soon as possible.

What Are the Risks of Leaking Buried Oil Tanks?

The risks of leaking underground oil tanks range from environmental, health, financial to legal. An oil tank that starts to leak will need costly clean-ups that may stretch to thousands of dollars. Should the leaks affect your neighborhood, you could be staring at expensive lawsuits. Besides, leaks may spread from underground soil into groundwater, causing massive contamination that impacts the ecosystem. To protect you from these consequences, hire a professional company to inspect and diagnose tank repairs from time to time.

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It takes the diligent work of a professional company to diagnose buried tank issues. Testing and inspection are essential when buying or evaluating a property where tanks are installed. At Superior Tank & Energy, we are committed to providing our customers with the best tank testing, repairs, installation, and removal services in Bucks County, Philadelphia, and New Jersey. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!