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Oil Tank Cleaning & Pump-Out in PA & NJ

An oil tank installed outside of a building.

Tank Service and Repair in PA and NJ

Call for a FREE estimate! Superior Tank provides tank cleaning and pump-out services for many areas of NJ and PA, including Philadelphia, Levittown, Bucks County, Montgomery County, and surrounding areas. Call 1-800-TANKS-4-LESS and ask for Doug! We provide quick and reliable tank pump-out services for all of our customers.

Oil tanks are a reliable source of fuel for your home or business, but they don’t last forever. Problems can arise that leave you without heat and hot water, without warning signs. Our professional technicians offer oil tank emergency services, as well as routine maintenance,  tank cleaning, and pump-out.

As time goes on, several situations arise where you will need an oil tank emergency service or repair. You can experience leaks in the tank that affect the soil on your property, causing various health and environmental hazards. Our repair and tank cleaning services will ensure any harmful chemicals in the tank are removed.

Our tank cleaning and pump-out services eliminate all debris, sludge, and bacteria that have clogged and contaminated your tank. Tank cleaning by our technicians is completed in both underground and above ground tanks that have begun to experience corrosion.

Tank Inspection

Whether your tank is in the basement, crawlspace, or any other area of the home, Superior Tank will perform inspection services, searching for any sign of leaks or corrosion. We will make sure your current tank is clean and functional by utilizing our tank pump-out services.

Tank Inserting (Decommissioning)

Tank inserting is essential in the prevention of the combustion of combustible materials that may be stored in the fuel tank for an extended period. When you want to decommission your oil tank, you can abandon or remove the tank. Removal leads to excavating and pumping out the remaining oil so that the tank can be cut and disposed of properly.

Tank Cleaning

Our tank cleaning technicians will clean various sized fuel tanks in residential homes throughout PA and NJ. For preventative maintenance, fuel tanks are cleaned to avoid the buildup of sludge caused by condensation entering the tank. When we clean your tanks, your home or commercial property will see lower heating costs and higher burner efficiency while avoiding premature tank failure.

Additional Services Include:

  • Soil Remediation
  • Slurry Fill Tanks
  • Tank Pads and Bollards Installed
  • Job Site Diesel Tanks for Equipment
  • Skid Tanks
  • Stick a Tank to Test for the Presence of Water
  • Water Pump-Outs
  • New Tank Legs
  • New Bottom Tank Valves
  • Run New Oil Lines
  • Replace Tank Gauge
  • Replace or Install Vent Alarm (whistle)
  • Bring Tank Piping Up to Code
  • New Fill Pipes
  • New Vent Pipes
  • New Suction Stubs (spears, dip-rods)
  • Vent Alarm Replacement (whistle)
  • Vent Pipe Replacement
  • Fill Pipe Replacement
  • Tank Leg Replacement
  • Tank Gauge Replacement
  • Oil Line Repair/Replacement
  • Bottom Tank Valve Replacement
  • Tank Pump Out
  • Tank Water Pump Out
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Vac-Truck Services

We offer a fleet of vacuum trucks that will remove and pump-out oil, sludge, or gasoline from various sizes of tanks throughout PA and NJ. After your tank removal, we dispose of the material at the appropriate facility.