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Soil Remediation in Pennsylvania & New Jersey

A patch of contaminated soil.


When you need advice on soil remediation or testing, turn to us! Are you currently in need of an oil tank emergency service in Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County, or Levittown, PA? We’ll determine if you qualify for grant funds and fill out all the paperwork. You can read more about it here: PA DEP Underground Heating Oil Tank Clean-up Reimbursement Program.

Superior Tank has the capacity and experience to handle your soil remediation and testing issues. No job is too small or large. We are proud to serve NJ and PA communities, including Philadelphia, Levittown, and surrounding areas.

The Importance of Soil Remediation for Homes in PA and NJ

Being one of the primary sources of natural resources, the importance of soil cannot be disregarded. Soil, like water and air, can become contaminated from various outside human activities. As the local population has grown, agricultural land has been developed into residential properties. As more and more residential properties develop over time, soil remediation ensures that the environment will remain safe for years to come.

For soil remediation services for residential properties in NJ, Philadelphia, and Levittown, PA, contact us today. We will be able to prevent further contamination before the surrounding environment becomes a health and safety issue.

What exactly is soil contamination? Soil contamination is any unnatural chemical pollutant that may seep into the soil. They may include:

  • Gasoline or Petroleum leaks
  • Derivatives of heavy metals, petroleum
  • Solid or liquid waste
  • Pesticide

Contaminated soil remediation consists of the removal of soil from any contaminated areas near your home, along with on-site treatment provided by our technicians.

Our technicians utilize high-quality equipment to provide an accurate and safe solution for soil remediation in Philadelphia. Oil tanks that are installed underground run the risk of soil contamination and pollution. You can be sure we are very thorough in our decontamination services, working diligently, and protecting your home from any further damage. If there’s a leak in your underground or exterior oil tank, our technicians will make sure the soil hasn’t been exposed to pollution and work to maintain the performance of your tank through services that include a tank pump-out. If there is a danger to you and your property, we will remove and install a highly functional tank for your satisfaction.

As Part of Our Soil Remediation Services in PA and NJ, We Will:

  • Inspect and determine if the tank was leaking
  • Take a sample for approval, and dispose of the contamination in soils.
  • Call and have all underground utilities marked
  • Bring our equipment on-site and remove all contaminated soil
  • Line your yard with plywood to minimize landscaping damage
  • Take samples to be analyzed to be sure the soil is clean
  • Provide a closure report for you and submit it to your municipality (if required)

For soil decontamination or tank cleaning services in Bucks County, Montgomery County, and the surrounding areas, contact Superior Tank & Energy today.

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