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A rusted and potentially leaking oil tank inside a cellar.

5 Signs Your Oil Tank Needs to Be Replaced

5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Oil Tank

Your oil tank supplies the fuel your heater needs to heat your home and keep you and your loved ones comfortable. So when an oil tank fails, you’ll be left with a frigid and uncomfortable living space with no way to supply your heater with heating oil. This is the last thing you want in the cold months, so it’s crucial to have your oil tank replaced at the first sign of a possible problem. 

Here are 5 warning signs that it’s time to swap out your tank for a new one:

Excess Moisture

Any buildup of moisture on top of your oil tank or underneath it is a sure sign that something is wrong. You might also notice black deposits forming that closely resemble icicles. Over time, this issue can lead to more serious forms of damage, which is why it’s crucial to take action right away.


Leaking is another common sign of a faulty oil tank. If you spot any excess oil seeping out of the tank, this typically indicates that a hole has formed somewhere in the storage tank. Oil leakage warrants an immediate replacement, so be sure to schedule emergency tank services as soon as you encounter a problem.

Wasted Oil

Sometimes, a leak or a buildup of moisture isn’t immediately evident to the untrained eye. If you can’t seem to identify the issue, take a look at your oil usage. A damaged tank will cause you to go through oil a lot faster than usual. To avoid squandering resources and money, it’s vital to have your oil tank replaced promptly.

Incorrect Installation

If your oil tank was never installed correctly, to begin with, you’ll pay the price later. A telltale sign of incorrect installation is unstable or uneven legs. Your tank won’t function at its best if it’s set up incorrectly, so it’s best to swap it out for a new unit.

Clogged Oil Lines

Keep an eye on your pipes if you’re worried about the quality of your oil tank. Wintry elements, infestation, and other problems can clog up the fuel lines that supply your heater with oil. The best way to keep them clear in the long run is to invest in a new oil tank.

Having your oil tank replaced can ensure greater efficiency and effectiveness. Contact Superior Tank & Energy today for high-quality tank services, including installation, removal, and repairs. Schedule an appointment with us today!