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An underground oil tank with sand.

What Should I Do With an Underground Oil Tank With Sand?

What Should I Do With an Underground Oil Tank With Sand?

You likely have a heating oil tank on your property if you reside in Pennsylvania or New Jersey. Oil tanks require regular maintenance, so it’s essential to know and follow the regulations for an underground unit. These regulations include ensuring that your oil tank isn’t leaking toxins and producing contaminated soil on your property. 

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Why Is There Sand in My Oil Tank?

When property owners switch from traditional gas heating methods to natural gas, they may decide to fill their old underground oil tank with sand or foam. These materials are inert and won’t cause damage to the tank or the nearby soil. This method of filling it with sand is one of the steps of the tank abandonment process.

An old underground tank with sand or foam inside can keep the tank stable and prevent rust and corrosion, but it can never be any kind of sustainable storage tank. For these reasons, many homeowners wonder if an old underground oil tank with sand should be removed.

Should the Oil Tank Be Removed?

It’s necessary to remove the tank when you no longer need it for underground heating oil and it’s leaking hazardous gas or petroleum into the soil. Some oil tanks are beneath homes or structures like patios, decks, or driveways. 

When the tank location is inconvenient for a complete tank removal process, some construction codes permit the property owner to remove part of the oil tank, extract the oil from the tank, and fill the hull with sand. 

However, an oil tank filled with sand may still create problems for the property. Any potential home buyer will want the tank removed before purchasing the home. They may request soil samples to test whether the property has a problem. 

If you plan to sell your home at any time in the future, it’s best to call an oil tank removal company to address the situation. This step will prevent you from being under any time constraints if an active buyer is interested in your property. 

Removing an Underground Oil Tank With Sand

The first part of the tank removal process is finding the tank location with metal detectors. Oil tank removal professionals may also inspect your basement for broken pipes, gas smells, or stains on the floor. 

Once oil tank removal specialists locate your tank and any other issues, they use specialized tools to remove it. After extracting the tank, they use a vacuuming process to remove any oil or toxic gas from your property. This procedure ensures the clearance of all hazardous substances from your property, providing peace of mind for you and your family.

Call Superior Tank & Energy for Oil Tank Removal

If you have an old underground oil tank with sand in it, call Superior Tank & Energy to remove it. Our certified technicians have extensive experience removing oil tanks and can do the job quickly and safely. 

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