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What Is an Oil Tank Emergency?

What Is an Oil Tank Emergency?

Oil tanks store the fuel needed to power residential and commercial heaters. While heating with oil is generally safe and effective, normal wear and tear can lead to failure of the tank, and an emergency replacement may be necessary. If your heating system runs on oil, here are some signs to look out for that indicate it’s time for a new tank.

Damaged Components

Damaged tank components such as broken fuel gauges or vent alarms always indicate that replacement is necessary. Broken fuel gauges cannot accurately measure your remaining oil, which can lead to trouble in the event of a cold snap. If your vent alarm is broken, simply calling for an oil tank refill will result in a wasted service call, as suppliers cannot fill tanks where vent alarms are compromised.

Leaks and Wet Spots

If you notice fluid pooling around the tank, this often means there are small cracks or pinholes causing leakage, and a leaking tank indicates interior corrosion. The unit should definitely be replaced at this point. Additional signs of a leaking tank include a continual odor of burning oil, puddles around the tank, and oil along the tank’s piping.

Natural Aging of the Tank

In many cases, you may not notice any telltale signs that your tank needs to be replaced. However, normal aging of the unit can cause it to wear down over time. Generally, tanks are designed to perform well for up to 15 years. After this time, it’s always a good idea to schedule an inspection and start looking into replacing your tank with an updated unit.

Clogged Pipes

While an occasional clogged pipe can be fixed with a cleanout, if your tank’s lines are continually experiencing clogs, this can lead to poor performance and eventual failure. Over time, sludge can build-up to the point where cleanouts aren’t enough to remedy the issue, and a replacement unit will be needed.

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